kolmapäev, august 16, 2006

Tallinn Pride: Latvia Exporting Homophobia, Idiocy

Everyone knows the phrase 'loll nagu lätlane,' and according to an organizer of Tallinn Pride 2006, Latvia has expanded its exports to include both homophobia and idiocy.

Pride spokesman Lisette Kampus said there were not enough cops along the parade route. “ [ The skinheads ] attacked the middle of the march—and first, the women,” she told GayRussia.Ru. “ [ Y ] oung Estonian men attacking young Estonian woman—it is completely shocking for us. There are no words. It is something extremely shameful.”

In an e-mail, Kampus added: “We are all in ... real massive shock. Anything like this has never, never happened in Estonia during any demonstration, parade, etc. We consider ourselves to be a peaceful nation, even when it comes to gay issues.”

Indeed, Tallinn’s previous pride marches have been trouble-free, but this year has seen a rash of antigay actions directed at gay parades in the region, with marches being banned, attacked or both in Russia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and, now, Estonia.

“I think that we are seeing what kind of impact such situations that took place in Riga, Krakow or Warsaw can have on neighboring countries,” Kampus said. “Latvia is exporting its homophobia. Things in Riga were an encouragement for stupid people in Estonia.”

This could mesh with the story that some skinheads had actually bussed in from Riga to join in the egg bombing of gay Balts. And if it's not true, it's always nicer to blame someone else anyway.

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Leo Damascus ütles ...

This is the only source I've ever heard that connected the eggings to Neo-Naziism (so far). I'm a bit suspect.
Don't get me wrong; I'm not condoning what they did. I'd just be more likely to connect it with vigilantism than racial terrorism. Homosexuality is not ok.
My particular beef with it I'll try to explain in ways even athiests have come to agree with me on. Homosexuality needn't concern itself with marriage. Homosexuals are, through their sexual practices, violating God's commandments. Even so, they insist on infiltrating the religious ceremony of marriage.
Please, stop pretending that opposition to homosexuality is intollerance. Calling God a bigot is blasphemy, and your soul is in danger.

Giustino ütles ...

Please, stop pretending that opposition to homosexuality is intollerance. Calling God a bigot is blasphemy, and your soul is in danger.

But I don't believe in God. I am, therefore, a heathen, and free to make my own judgement calls in regards to people's sexualities.

Anonüümne ütles ...

oh dear i read this entry and got this sickening feeling.. somehow meaning of 'loll nagu lätlane' was clear to me..perhaps because ofthat rhyme on that pack of sugar where 'salds kaa miegs un balts kaa sniegs' is translated 'magus nagu uni ja valge nagu lumi' or something like that..so yea 'nagu' apparently stands for 'as' in english..the meaning of 'loll' was somehow selfevident..
there used to be this awareness of what Latvians are.that they follow (or actually are) the ways baltic germans, sweeds or finnic people had ,meanwhile disregarding practices poles or russians fallow.But ussr appears to have succeded in instructing latvians in their late thirties how you do things like a retarded fuck..
oh how convenient!now i found a scapegoat..oh well who cares anyway