kolmapäev, august 23, 2006

Democracy in Action Part II

Ok, since I am on vacation, let's set our sights a little lower. If you want a vote in parliament on August 28, for whatever presidential candidate, you should probably contact members of the Center Party faction in the Riigikogu. It's possible a few could show up, barring there isn't too long a line at the Söörikukohvik. Here they are:

Ain Seppik
Vladimir Velman
Lauri Laasi
Küllo Arjakas
Enn Eesmaa
Eldar Efendijev
Helle Kalda
Arnold Kimber
Tiit Kuusmik
Olev Laanjärv
Heimar Lenk
Inara Luigas
Koit Pikaro
Nelli Privalova
Kaarel Pürg
Jüri Šehovtsov
Evelyn Sepp
Toivo Tootsen
Marika Tuus

I have no favorite in this race. I can see the positives and negatives for all candidates. But I do worry about tinkering with democracy in tiny Estonia. I have seen it in the US, and every time it happens it widens the disconnect between representatives and their constituents. One thing we Americans learn from traveling in East Europe is that people actually can make a change in their lives. Don't believe me? Just ask those Germans who tore down the Berlin Wall. I'd prefer if there was at least a real vote in parliament come August 28.

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maarvan ütles ...

Very diplomatic to just provide the email addresses. Would be interested in added some notes about each candidate?