esmaspäev, august 28, 2006

Ergma Update

Well, it looks like Ene only got 65 votes. Period. There were not votes against her because Estonia's minority parties decided that they had no reason to come to parliament to vote - even if it was against a candidate.

I'm not sure if KESK and ERL think this move makes them appear bold, but to me it seems childish. I hear it over and over again - "the president has no power, it's not an important position, it's just ceremonial."

If so, why is it so important to KESK and ERL that they cannot even show their faces in parliament to do what they were elected to do and vote "yes" or "no."

Ene would lose if they voted anyway but the reason KESK and ERL won't vote is that their candidate hasn't been selected. And the reason he hasn't been selected is because he has refused to stand for reelection in parliament. Does that make sense to you? Pinch me. Are you sure we're not in Wonderland?

Seriously Estonia, are these the guys you want running your country? Two party leaders that refuse to let their party members vote because they are too afraid of what might happen? One fair-weather incumbent who won't stand for election in parliament because he knows that he'd lose there?

Is cowardice a virtue? If so, Estonia is thrice blessed.

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Eppppp ütles ...

"Ene would lose if they voted anyway..."

Thats the problem (for Savisaar and Reiljan) - they could not be sure if all their members would vote "no". What if someone (3 cruicial votes) had thought woth their own head and pushed "yes"...? Thats why decided to boycot it.

But yes, it sucks. Its sad.

Anonüümne ütles ...

What we have here is a slip towards totalitarian rule. 36 votes - one man (or maybe man and a half) to rule them all.
They already have a similar system in City Council, where the head of the Keskerakond fraction waves the marker (green for yes and red for no). I don’t know why he does it: are the member of the council just too stupid or not paying enough attention. Or are they not allowed to vote like they pleasw...
There has been even some cases when this system has failed (i.e. someone pressed the “yes” button when red marker was up).
This kind of system is obviously unreliable and inconvenient – it would be so much more effective if they joined all the wires of the council members’ buttons under one big button controlled by the fraction leader.
Other members of the council could play cards or go home. Or not. Whatever.

v. ütles ...

And they have the same system in parliament. The leader of the fraction points up, when the vote should be yes, and points down when the vote must be no.