neljapäev, august 03, 2006

Is Mr. America coming to Tallinn?

Axis News' Eurasian Secret Services Daily Review thinks so:
The US Central Intelligence Agency agents have visited Estonia within the framework of the November NATO summit due to take place in Riga, Latvia, daily SL Ohtuleht writes today.

The CIA aircraft Boeing 737-300 with an identification number S0508 spent three days in the airport of Tallinn. Usually there is a logotype of an airline or at least an image of the flag of the country on the tail of the passenger or transport aircraft, but there were no identification marks on this vessel, says another Estonian daily, Postimees.

Toomas Mardo, the chief of the Tallin airport rescue service, told the paper the Americans on the plane were dressed in plain cloths and had told that were conducting preparation for "some visit".

Inga Yagomagi, the Press-secretary of the Estonian government, confirmed the CIA aircraft visited Tallinn for the preparation for the NATO summit. She told the press that there was no final confirmation as far that there might be a high-level visit to Tallin on the eve or after the summit. “However, this cannot be excluded”, Postimees quotes her as saying.

The CIA plane reportedly left the airport of Tallinn yesterday at 13:04 and was directed to Riga.

It's about time. So far Tallinn has settled for first ladies and vice presidents. It's high time for Mr. America, caesar maximus himself, to show his face in Raekoja Plats. And wouldn't it be grand come this November, if Mr. America got to shake hands with a new president that spoke English to him? Somebody like Toomas Hendrik Ilves or Ene Ergma? Well, they are the only two official candidates. I'm sure one of them will be there at Tallinna Lennujaam holding a sign that says "Mr. America" on it.

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