kolmapäev, oktoober 10, 2007

Shagging in Rovaniemi

Have you ever wondered what people do for fun up at the top of the world? How is it that the people of Rovaniemi, Finland, pass their short summers and long dreary winters?

The answer seems to be that they like to go out to the bar, bring home another warm human body, and .. either before or after sauna ... shag like there's no tomorrow.

How else can one explain the appallingly high number of victims of 24-year-old Ari Hakkarainen who has been accused of intentionally spreading HIV to unknowing partners in the northern Finnish city.

Hakkarainen looks like your regular Finnish Depeche Mode fan. He's got blond hair, symmetrical features, and an earring to boot. But according to Finnish authorities, he managed to seduce an unknown number of women, 22 (!) of whom have filed charges against him. Five have sadly tested positive for the virus.

Now, some male readers out there might think nothing of this number. But most of you will probably never 'know' 22 women during the course of your entire life. So my questions are, a) Is this just the way things are in Rovaniemi? or b) Does Ari have a secret he hasn't let on about (other than carrying a deadly sexually-transmitted virus)?

Your thoughts?

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Unknown ütles ...

well...difficult enough to find 22 >beautiful< finnish woman I would sleep with ;-)

LPR ütles ...

It probably aint much different in Rovaniemi than it is in any other small place in Estonia or anywhere else in the Vodka Belt. All reproductive age unclaimed males are hopeless drunkards so the pickings for your average looking womenfolk are very, very slim. The secret for those dudes there is not a crafty pickup line or a Ford Sierra that runs as much as the ability (or sheer luck) not to pass out before accomplishing the virus transmission.

gaborien ütles ...

Well if that tracking would be done in Tallinn I think the figures could be far more scaring because of:

a) being Tallinn a bigger city
b) HIV rates here.
c) mobility in Eesti is quite easier.

Wally Kranich ütles ...

Wally remembers with heart-raising happiness the song sung by Wally and his crazy bastard Latvijas biedrs Valdis in Sidrabene, New York, München, Toronto and Rīga during many nights of Wallys hardcore partying.

The song-

<< Suomi girls have glasses and protect their asses. Eesti girls are blonde but never very fond. Latvijas girls are pretty but treat you real shitty. Russky girls are slutty and like to party with Wally! (and also Valdis).>>

plasma-jack ütles ...

But most of you will probably never 'know' 22 women during the course of your entire life.

You obviously underestimate us finno-ugrians.

hullu poro ütles ...

Maybe having nothing to lose gives you an attitude advantage, makes you one of those interesting, dangerous guys?

Jansa ütles ...

Ari Hakkarinen doesn't even have to look/talk/act impressive or anything to reach 22 in Finland. Just that there are surprisingly many Finnish "ladies" in every age up to one-night adventures... Go to any night club or local bar and try!

Giustino ütles ...

Well, as I said, there are gents out there who lost count many years ago.
But for each one of those 'lucky' Nordic guys, there are three or four more who are sitting at home on Friday night.

Would you say that Finland is more sexually open than Estonia? I know the TV shows some 'late nite entertainment' but the Estonian media is dominated by the over-sexualized Estonian female.

LPR ütles ...

I've never met an "over sexualized female". I hope she does exist. Like a unicorn.