kolmapäev, oktoober 24, 2007

If one twin loses an election, does the other one feel it?

Where were you on the day you found out that Poland would be led by two men, the twin co-stars of the 1962 film The Two Who Stole the Moon, also known as Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski?

I don't recall where I was, but I knew that it was something totally awesome, something I just had to tell every human being in New York whose last name ended with '-ski.'

"Do you know that the president and prime minister of Poland are twin brothers?," I would ask.

"No, I did not know that," so and so Blahblahski would reply, usually giving me a weird look.

Well, friends, the era of the Polish Mary-Kate and Ashley has come to a close. Their 'Truth and Justice' party was trounced in the elections by the feel-good Civic Platform led by Donald Tusk, who does not have a twin.

Europe, meanwhile, has been breathing a sigh of relief. Unlike some countries, Poland is actually a country in the European Union that matters. When the Poles say nie, the Germans are known to make uncomfortable facial expressions in response, and I mean uncomfortable facial expressions that are different from their regular uncomfortable facial expressions.

But is it true what they say about twins? That they have some kind of deep psychic connection? I recall from watching GI Joe as a kid, that when Cobra's Tomax got hit, his evil twin brother Xamot often felt it.

We'll leave such metaphysical questions to the quacks and experts, but I have a feeling that when PM Jaroslaw's party lost the election, President Lech -- who will be in office until 2010 -- definitely felt it, psychic connection or not.

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Frank ütles ...

From a German point of view the Kaczynskis really do hurt, because for decades Poland was treated as Germany´s pet in European affairs, without smirking but to make up for all the wrong-doing in past centuries ...

As Larry Flint quoted President Kennedy today on CNN covering the fires in California "Life isn´t fair ..."

I guess twins in high places in democracies are a good idea, if one has to resign, the other one can allow him every other day to act as substitute, so the taste of power might linger for a while ...

Jens-Olaf ütles ...

Germany where a late night show star has earned his money with lame jokes about the Poles and his show is considered as very high intellectual. Regarding this Iliked the twins. ;)