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Hindu love gods lay it on thick

Well, you couldn't ask for better PR than this piece in the Hindu Business Line, which described Tallinn as an "elves town" and Estonia as an "island nation" (close, it's a peninsula) and "a land in the midnight sun, always ready to burst into song."

In summary, it encapsulates how Estonia portrays itself to the global audience. A synopsis:

1. Nordic, yo.

Due to its strategic location as a link between East and West, this Nordic nation has witnessed conquests since the 13th century.

The Nordic countryside is also dotted with ancient castles that used to be inhabited by the Teutonic knights.

2. Hi-Tek

Information technology companies such as Skype, which was recently bought over by the e-bay portal, and foreign investors such as Swedbank, Maersk, Galvexm, including the NRI-owned entity Tolaram Group have a presence here.

3. Note to self: Assimilate

What is remarkable about the Estonians is their ability to assimilate cultures and influences of other nations, make the most of them and at the same time retain the distinct Estonian essence.

4. History comes alive

With a solid town wall made up of 26 defence towers, within it are housed a Dominican St. Catherine’s Monastery founded in 1246, the 600-year-old Gothic Town Hall, the world’s oldest functioning pharmacy, and the 159-metres high Oleviste Church which was recorded as the highest structure in the world in the 16th century.

5. Unfriendly visa regime

However, Estonia, like the other regions of the Baltic Sea, has one obstacle that visitors have to overcome — its visa policy.

The Baltic Sea region countries give extremely short-term visas, making it difficult for first- time visitors to discover and explore over and above the stay they have planned.

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margus ütles ...

We will nordify you!
We will digitalize you!
We will assimilate you!
We will make you history!
Welcome to Estonia!
Thank you and ba-bye!

Estonia in World Media (Rus) ütles ...

You forgot about the birds. I once asked my daughter what was her favorite Estonian bird. She stopped for a moment to think and then replied: grillkana.
I guess I have to take her out more frequently.

Jens-Olaf ütles ...

Sometimes they know more even as the average European commentor. This from 2005:
Business Standard India, 16. Nov:

Estonia, the tiny eastern European nation known for its internationally acclaimed and award-winning animation films, is competing for yet another international film award at the 14th International Children’s Film Festival being held in Hyderabad.

And: Estonia ranked 64 at the Olymics in Athens winning 1 Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze
Tiny India
ranked 65 with 2 Silver 1 Bronze

Tiamsuu ütles ...

I love it.

With our mindsets set deep in the fenno-germani-protestant-etc mold, it's wonderfully refreshing to see us being described from what is, basically, an utterly alien viewpoint;)

So? ütles ...

5. Unfriendly visa regime

lulz! it's to keep riff-raff like you out.

plasma-jack ütles ...

the world’s oldest functioning pharmacy

Rather: "what used to be the world’s oldest functioning pharmacy"

antyx ütles ...

lulz! it's to keep riff-raff like you out.

Watch yourself, Gareth.

Giustino ütles ...

Who is Gareth?

So? ütles ...

Gareth is the crypto-russkie's inflamed imagination.

Jens-Olaf ütles ...

Do not underestimate the Indians: This is Kunal: Fun facts about Estonia I took a photo for him cause India meets Estonia. The link is in the description of the photo.

margus ütles ...

Punchline from the linked story:

# The Estonian Government is Constitutionally required to balance its budget. Now I don't know how prevalent that is around the world, but to me it seems wack.