neljapäev, mai 04, 2006

The Start of a Beautiful Eurovision Friendship?

Estonia's ambassador to Eurovision this year, Sandra Oxenryd, offered a glimpse at the developing symbiotic relationship between Swedish pop singers and Eurolaul in a recent interview. One wonders if Estonia has become something of a "farm team" for Swedish pop (in the US the minor league baseball teams where future professionals hone their skills are often referred to as farm teams.)

Some excerpts:

In 2002 Sahlene who was also Swedish, represented Estonia and achieved a good placing by coming 3rd, does this motivate you in any way?

Hmm, yes, and no, everyone´s achievement is a motivation, I think.

What is the opinion about your performance in Sweden? How did the Swedes react to you representing Estonia ? Will Sweden award Estonia 12 points?

I don´t know, you´ll have to ask the Swedish public, but I hope they will (smiles).

How did you get to enter the Estonian Eurovision final Eurolaul?

These song writers wrote the song for Sahlene in 2002, and they have a contact in Sweden,Peo Nyhlen on Scandinavian songs, who they work with, when they want to have a Swedish singer to their songs or so. They contacted him, and he gave them my name, and, well, here I am.

Talk about diplomatic responses! But beneath the smiles it looks like there's some kind of international pop singer trading going on. A modern day Hanseatic League if you will. Merchants in Malmö collaborating with merchants in Lyndanisse. I'll trade you one Swedish pop princess for three good pop songs. That kind of thing. I also wonder if Sweden will indeed scratch Estonia's back and vote for their own. Sort of like a little Greek-Cyprus action, except involving Sweden and Estonia.

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Anonüümne ütles ...

And if you can't stand the success, get some of them singing loosers from Finland!

Giustino ütles ...

Well, I guess the Estonians are too proud to go to Finland for Eurovision talent, but not proud enough to go to Sweden.

Then again, does Finland have any Eurovision talent?

Anonüümne ütles ...