teisipäev, mai 30, 2006

Nordic? Defense? Mwahahahahahah.

Remember the Winter War where Finns young and old bound skiis to their feet and defeated Stalin's invasion of Finland? Ok, so maybe you don't, but that was the highlight of Nordic military prowess in the 20th century.

Other Nordic countries, like Sweden, just decided to let Hitler do as he pleased. Denmark surrendered, Norway had to endure Quisling's Vichy-like regime, Iceland went fishing, and Estonia? Well, Estonia didn't listen to Laidoner.

But now, the Nordic defense ministers are cooperating, and the EU's Nordic battalion, which includes troops from Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden this week opened its headquarters in the Swedish city of Enköping.

Meanwhile Jürgen Ligi, Estonia's defense minister is also in Enköping to dream up scenarios where they could possible use the Nordic Battalion Group - perhaps defending Lake Peipsus from drunken Russian fishermen, or defending the Faroe Islands from drunken Faroese fishermen or...

Defence Ministers from Sweden, Norway, Estonia, and Finland are taking part in a workshop Tuesday here on coordinating activities.

The four countries are members of the Nordic Battle Group, a rapid reaction force, which is to be ready to work with the European Union during the first half of 2008.

Tuesday’s workshop, at the home of the Uppland regiment in Enköping, includes a series of fictitious scenarios where the defence ministers will discuss cooperation and decision-making on the national, joint, and EU level.

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