esmaspäev, mai 22, 2006

Mu Lemmik Eesti Laul

When we lived in Estonia, one of my favorite television programs was 'Laulukarussel' - a program where Estonian children get up on a platform in the middle of groves of lollipops and and other Willy Wonka-esque stage decorations, and sing children's songs.

At home in Estonia, those that are moved by the vocal prowess of young Estonia can anonymously call in and vote for their favorite 10-year-old. In Estonian living rooms heated discussions take place between men and women who work at Eesti Ühispank by day and succumb to Laulukarussel by night. Instead of arguing over finances or politics, they debate whether or not to place a vote for Kristjan and his passionate rendition of 'Jõulu Ingel' or Sandra and her stirring delivery of 'Tule Metsa.'

'Tule Metsa' is, above all others, my favorite children's song. To me it is the unofficial Estonian national anthem. While 'Mu isamaa' is melancholic and just makes you want to burst into tears when it is performed right, 'Tule Metsa' is a boisterous and childish anthem.

Here are the lyrics - and here is my favorite verse...

Metsa läksid sa,
mühisevasse metsa,
läksid tuulutama,
närve puhkama.
Metsa läksin ma,
metsast tulid välja sa.
Teadsin, metsast pead sa
välja tulema!

Tule metsa, mine metsa!
Hoia metsa, metsa, metsa!
Et me mets ei saaks otsa!
Et me mets ei läheks metsa!

Five points to anyone who can translate that!

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Anonüümne ütles ...

Ok, I'll give it a try :)

You went into the forest,
the rustling forest,
you went to breathe deeply,
to rest your nerves.
I went into the forest,
you came out of the forest.
I knew you had to come out of the forest.

Come into the forest, go into the forest (i.e. to hell)!
care for the forest, forest, forest!
That our forest doesn't run out!
That our forest doesn't go to the forest (i.e. the dogs)

It's really a bit tricky with those puns, I hope I didn't miss any ;)

Ahh, Estonians and their forests :)

Great blog, btw, as it's the first time I leave a comment :)

Giustino ütles ...

The Estonian version sounds much better!