neljapäev, jaanuar 25, 2007

The last time I moved across an ocean

Will somebody please remind me of how I wound up in this place to begin with? Somehow I got from Iceland to Denmark to Finland to Estonia. And now I'm in the process of going back. I'm exhausted and the plane doesn't take off until Tuesday.

The last time we did this it was March 2004 and I was similarly nauseous and exhausted and fragrant. Kristiina Ojuland was on our flight to Prague. Everybody was sort of like, "Well well, Proua Välisminister has to sit in the back of the bus with the rest of the alcoholics," when they saw Kristiina get on the plane. I thought it was cool though to sit near the foreign minister on the flight out from this very intriguing land.

Anyway, whenever I am in sleepless situations I tend to get loops of songs stuck in my head, and when I am in Europe the songs tend to be bad electronic/dance/pop songs. I remember I had a really bad one in my head that day, and it just kept replaying itself over and over and over again. I tried to keep it away, but it kept happening over and over and over again in the ether of my brain. For those of you that are aware that I moonlight as a musician, this is the same ether where songs appear. It's the creative hinterlands. If consciousness were a mountain, it would be right over the peak on the other side - you know, where nobody skies.

I tried everything to get that goddamn song loop out of my head. I drank water. I went into the toilet and looked in the mirror and tried to resurrect some other, less annoying song. It didn't work. The song stalked me from Prague to the USA where it dissipated in the dirty air of Newark.

See, I'm rambling. I must be exhausted. Anyway, these days are sapping my strength and mental clarity. So I turn to mini "moments of zen" where all is beautiful. Sort of like the interior of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory except kid-friendly. For example, I have decided that I will listen to The Sugarcubes three albums over and over again until I get out of this joint. Björk is telling me to "eat eat eat the menu" and there are "Delicious Demons" and "Tidal Wave"s. What a great band. Just as I wouldn't mind living in the film Austin Powers, I wouldn't mind getting sucked into some special vortex where Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week was everything.

I have also been reading a self-indulgent book by Alan Light of SPIN magazine about the Beastie Boys called Skills to Pay the Bills, or something of that nature. I have been aware of the Beastie Boys' music since License to Ill came out billions of years ago back in 1986. And as horrible as 1986 sucked (day-glo t-shirts? c'mon dude) I wouldn't mind escaping to that neverneverland where there were no blogs, and no Internets, and no motherfucking cellphones (did I mention I hate cellphones? well, anyway, I hate them) and "hi-tech" meant compact disc.

Anyway, I am tired and I should go to sleep. Tomorrow is a brand new day. And you can bet that I will be exhausted at the end of that one too.

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