laupäev, oktoober 21, 2006

Welcoming Her Highness

Great photos at Postimees.

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Anonüümne ütles ...

The Queen is departed to London. Yes! But an another man has departed also – from Lahti to Moscow. A great brother of all 25 memberstates EU. It was just ridiculous look the idiotic, smiling faces, with ones mouths wide open, EU prime ministers, hearing Putin saying: “There are no problems between Georgia and Russia. There are problems of Georgia itself between Abkhazia + South Ossetia, independence whoms Georgia is threatening, what may end with a bloodshed.” Goebbels has said: “The lie should be tremendous, for people do it believe.” No word about the assassination of Politkovskaya. O, how much it remembers Munic 1938! “I brought for you peace!” called Chamberlain. “We brought you cheap gas!” call Merkel and Chirac. “Timeo Danaos, dona ferentes,” has once said Vergilius.
Enclose a short story about Putin, the russian vebsite, Vladimir Vladimirovich, is publishing until. Hope, Epp has not yet forgotten russian language, to translate it for You.
Суббота, 7 октября 2006 г.
Однажды Владимир Владимирович™ Путин сидел в своем семейном кругу и отмечал день своего президентского рождения. За большим круглым столом сидели супруга Владимира Владимировича™, его дочери Катя и Маша, собака Кони и карликовая лошадь Вадик. В центре стола стоял большой праздничный торт, в который было воткнуто пятьдесят четыре горящие свечи.
- Спасибо вам, - говорил Владимир Владимирович™, поднимая бокал шампанского Cristall, - Я всех вас очень люблю.
Владимир Владимирович™ набрал в свою президентскую грудь воздух и приготовился задуть свечи, как вдруг в дверь постучали. Владимир Владимирович™ недоуменно поднял брови, выдохнул воздух, поставил бокал на стол, прошел в прихожую и открыл дверь.
На мраморной площадке перед дверью резиденции Владимира Владимировича™ лежала еще теплая стреляная гильза от пистолета Макарова и небольшая открытка с надписью: “С днем рождения, брателло. Б. Л. Р.”

Giustino ütles ...

It was just ridiculous look the idiotic, smiling faces, with ones mouths wide open, EU prime ministers ...

Why are Western European leaders still so afraid of Russia? I guess I can understand Chirac - he's 70-something years old. A dinosaur. But the others - from Merkel to Blair to Rasmussen. I have little faith in their ability to negotiate with Putin. Does anybody know what Ansip and Putin discussed?

Some things to keep in mind:

1. They've been negotiating with Putin for years and not really getting anywhere. So what difference would agitating him in public make for them? Some of Finland's press has been pretty positive about the summit (Sanomat, for example).

2. Putin's term is supposed to expire in 2008, might we see a harder line emerging when his successor is being chosen?

Anonüümne ütles ...

According to the press officer at the Estonian government, Putin and Ansip did in fact NOT meet in private and only met at the official dinner.