neljapäev, oktoober 05, 2006


The Baltic Times has an interesting piece on Jaak Aaviksoo, the current rector of Tartu University who is stepping down to enter politics as a potential prime ministerial candidate for the Isamaa-Res Publica Union, better known as the guys in the smart suits with the glasses.

As his lack of hair attests, Aaviksoo is a very smart man. And his interview is revealing about his thoughts on the future of Estonia:

What, in your mind, is wrong with the country?

There are a lot of worrying trends, including an increased concentration of power in both formal and informal structures. The transparency of society is also decreasing. There are serious trends of politicizing non-political posts, and politicizing investment decisions. This includes within the field of education. One of the most dangerous trends, which I want to change, is the allocation of investments according to party leaders’ affiliations.
What are your views on Estonia’s economic outlook?
Estonia has been very successful, but problems are on the horizon. Most of our success has been due to low labor costs. Once wages start to rise, things will change. If we don’t invest in building a true knowledge society, with vocational as well as higher learning research and innovation, we will face very serious problems.

BT is subscription only online, so I won't give the rest away, but I am glad somebody is thinking about what will happen after Estonia stops being the most awesome capital of the world.

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Giustino ütles ...

so, Estonia has to change, once more, toward a more educated/research/development/service/ attractiveness to keep the speed of becoming more wealthy...

That's sort of what I mean about the post-communist Nordic country stuff. Latvia and Lithuania may have entirely blueprints for the future.

I had once the chance to talk to Jaak Aaviksoo, even in german because he is very fluent in the german language

Are you sure you didn't manage to ask how his hand was doing.

Noh, Jaak, kuidas käsi käib?