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Danes Foil Terror Plot in Odense

The Danes did something right this week. They caught a few young suicidal gentlemen before they decided to not only blow themselves up, but kill others in the process as some sort of political statement.

Danish authorities said they foiled a serious terror plot Tuesday with the arrest of nine men accused of preparing explosives for a planned attack in Denmark.

Investigators were not sure how advanced the plans were but said they decided to launch a pre-emptive strike Tuesday after keeping the group under surveillance for some time.

"The clues police found indicate that they were very likely planning an attack somewhere in Denmark," Justice Minister Lene Espersen told The Associated Press.

"It was the most serious matter I have had in my time as justice minister," she said. "Police went in and stopped the group as it was preparing an attack."

I have to say this is a triumph for their justice ministry. There is this idea out in the ether that Danes, Swedes - whomever - can't find the 'bomb' in 'suicide bomber'. Americans ridicule their justice system with its 'open prisons' (I've actually been inside a maximum security Danish prison - as a student! - and it was quite nice, almost better than my freshman dormroom). One wonders what fate awaits the potential bombers.

But it's great they could catch the young gentlemen before they proceded to blow themselves up for Uncle Osama. Why they do it is a mystery because it accomplishes nothing and only makes things worse for Muslim countries. Palestinian suicide bombers have been blowing their guts all over the place in Israel for years, but it hasn't won them much. Not only that, it gives the Israeli military a free hand to come in and bulldoze their homes and accidentally (?) spray bullets at their children. In other words, it's counterproductive.

Anyway, while terror has washed over Western Europe, coalition partners, like Estonia, most likely see themselves as immune to these kinds of plots which usually draw on suicide bombing 'talent' from local Muslim populations. Since Muslims have yet to discover Estonia (and they are not that great a presence in neighboring Finland either) it might be significant to forecast that Estonia is not high on the hit list. However, Odense - as you can see from the photo above - is not unlike an Estonian city like Haapsalu, Pärnu, or Kuressaare. So while the threat may not hit Estonia directly, it is nevertheless a very tangible and scary reality for Estonians.

I was in Denmark on September 11. We lived in a community with a large number of Turkish and Somali residents, and shortly afterwards I remember walking to the train and seeing 'Jihad' spray painted on the wall. God, I wanted to catch whoever had written that and just kick his ass. And it wasn't a vengeful anger. It was frustration with stupidity. "How could a young person be so dumb to buy into the suicide = martyrdom equation?" I thought. "Wasn't it abundantly apparent that God isn't on anybody's side? That you only get one life to live? That killing oneself is the marriage of idiocy and irrartionality?" I guess it wasn't clear to some people.

Just because a man dresses up in a nice white dress and gets a gleam in his eye and holds an old book and tells you about the will of God, doesn't make it so. Osama bin Ladin, and those who follow him and urge young people to murder themselves and others - are frauds. If Bin Ladin really believed what he preached he would have blown himself up ages ago. But no, he hides in a cave and tells others to do his bidding. It's a sick world. Better drink your Saku Originaal (or Tuborg) while you still can.

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Anonüümne ütles ...

Yes, perhaps...I don't know. I am getting so paranoid about these arrests. They get a huge amount of ink on the front pages and, as it has happened, retraction on the page 56 a week or two later. We all are starting to run around our collective hair on fire and doing exactly what those scheaming nut bastards were hoping for.

What should be done, me thinks, is to crack down on those sick "holy" men that are doing this convertion business from decent Muslims to rapid Jihadists. Hit them and hit them hard for that seems to be the only way to cut oxyzen supply to these dangerous movements.