kolmapäev, juuli 17, 2013

how it works

"I feel so bad for Kalle. He told me yesterday that his wife left him."
"He did? When?"
"While he was working here in the kitchen."
"But don't they have children?"
A sullen nod. "He has a week to find a new place and move out."
"What do you mean move out? She left him! Shouldn't she be packing her bags, slamming the door?"
"That's not how it works."
"Oh, I get it. The woman stays in the house with the children and the man leaves."
 Another sullen nod.
"And the man finds himself some shitty, one-room apartment somewhere and gives her all of his money."

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LPR ütles ...

Divorce is a reverse wedding.

I am sure the guy will be much happier now.

Spreaking from personal experience.

LPR ütles ...


LPR ütles ...


You might find this interesting ... This is the issue I am trying to find answers to as I too plan to move to EU one day. Most likely to northern Italy.

Will I have to renounce my US citizenship?

Maybe so. Read on ...