teisipäev, juuni 25, 2013


Wouldn't it be an interesting plot twist if Edward Snowden wasn't in Moscow, but instead was already safely in Havana, or Reykjavik, or some other city that disregards the wishes of the US State Department? What I find interesting here in the US, where I am at the moment, is the deep ambivalence most average people seem to feel about Snowden's actions. It's not that they really see Snowden as a champion of transparency {I think most of us thought that the government was collecting such information}. It's that they can't find it within themselves to cheer on the same institutions that are spying on them. No way. At least today, you won't hear a mouth say, 'Go NSA!'

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LPR ütles ...

This is an interesting new era we have entered. I think that every spy agency (or a corporation for taht matter) in the world right now is very nervous about what's to come next.

Everything has changed. The s#&*t does not flow from the top down anymore. That time is over!

You piss off "the little guy" enough and next thing you know, your entire enterprise along with all its trade secrets and whatnot is floating down the creek with out a paddle.

Moral of the story: "Play nice!"

Very interesting.