pühapäev, märts 03, 2013

badass e.e.

-Why do you wish to go to Russia?
-Because I’ve never been there.
-(He slumps,recovers). You are interested in economic and sociological problems?
-Perhaps you are aware that there has been a change of government in recent years?
-yes(I say without being able to suppress a smile).
-And your sympathies are not with socialism?
-may I be perfectly frank?
-I know almost nothing about these important matters and care even less.
-(His eyes appreciate my answer). For what do you care?
-my work.
-Which is writing?
-and painting.
-What kind of writing?
-chiefly verse; some prose.
-Then you wish to go to Russia as a writer and painter? Is that it?
-no; I wish to go as myself.
-(An almost smile). Do you realize that to go as what you call yourself will cost a great deal?
-I’ve been told so.
-Let me earnestly warn you(says the sandyhaired spokesman for the Soviet Embassy in Paris)that such is the case. Visiting Russia as you intend would be futile from every point of view. The best way for you to go would be as a member of some organization
-but,so far as I know,I’m not a member of any organization.
-from e.e. cummings' EIMI (1933)

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Rainer ütles ...

"After recounting his experiences in the Soviet Union, Cummings refers to the country as "Hell"". :)

Giustino ütles ...

It's a challenging but rewarding book. What has been surprising, is how the basic elements of Soviet life were in place by 1931. His recounted dialogue with American communist sympathizers/apologists resident in Moscow at the time is hilarious.

Mardus ütles ...

I still miss the paragraph breaks.

Giustino ütles ...

I think you're right in this case.