reede, veebruar 15, 2013

flash fiction

Here comes the judge, here comes the judge ... I am a judge in a new contest for something called flashfiction. What is flashfiction? It comes to you in a flash BOOM! BAM! Shit's written, done, submitted, passed on for judgment to me and Vello Vikerkaar and Mike Collier ... almost as if you wrote it in your sleep, or maybe the other you wrote it, you know, the lightning quick Flash Gordon you. But what the hell am I talking about? What should you be writing in your sleep? Details: "ERR News challenges readers to write short stories of a maximum 750 words that capture a particular aspect of life in northern Europe." More here. And one sentence in Estonian should appear somewhere in the story. Think on that one. Nokk kinni, saba lahti? No. Kel jänu, sel jalad? No. Alguses ei saa pidama, pärast vedama? Wait ...

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LPR ütles ...

Great idea. I've submitted one to your previous posting. How to recognize a drunk driver in Tallinn?

It's timeless. LOL