esmaspäev, juuni 01, 2009

tõesti sündinud lugu sürgaverest

Vana Kull was disturbed by his son Kullipoiss' drinking problems.

"Kullipoiss," said Vana Kull. "I will pay you a weekly allowance if you stop drinking."

Kullipoiss thought over his father's proposition, and decided that a weekly allowance was a better deal than being a drunk. He agreed.

For decades, Kullipoiss lived off of his father's weekly allowance and he did not touch a drop of alcohol. But then, one day, Vana Kull died, and Kullipoiss inherited his estate.

Now Kullipoiss is a drunk again.

( A true story heard while visiting my wife's relatives in Viljandimaa yesterday.)
* photo courtesy of Johannes Pääsuke.

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Lingüista ütles ...

Which wisdom from the dawn of time is to be found in this story?

Giustino ütles ...

The original title was misleading. It's a true story from Sürgavere.

Eppppp ütles ...

The wisdom is - for Estonian readers: "Kel määratud on hukka minna, hukka see läeb nagunii..."

Elsa ütles ...

Just midagi sellist oligi unise tööpäeva lõpetuseks vaja :)
Aga eks kodukülas saa tõeks ka lugusid, millest kõik (nt ma ise) ei teagi. Aga tõe teed on salapärased ;)
Epp tõi õige mõtte välja. Samas näitab lugu ka seda, mida õige motivatsioon teha suudab.. kuni motivaator kaob :)

LPR ütles ...

The moral of the story is that Kullipoiss wasted valuable years to sobriety. For a pittance.

Anonüümne ütles ...

Here you go again, propagating the Estonian man as free loading alcoholic to your own neo-colonialist benefit.

( I am kidding, dont hate me)

LPR ütles ...

I agree, Puu. It would be so much harder for the expats to play White God to the villagers if they were not disabled by firewater.

stockholm slender ütles ...

I simply can't get beyond the name (though Estonian in general has seized to be wildly funny as it has become more familiar on its own terms). But, Kullipoiss, please, be serious!

Triin ütles ...

Kullipoiss would have inherited the estate anyway.
Maybe he had children while he wasn’t drinking! Good for them!
This story shouldn’t be shown to any Finnish people.

Unknown ütles ...

I find it fun how different words in diff. languages have diff. meanings- and even bawdry ones and by me only lowbrowed persons are the ones who are bothered by them or having too much fun about that. I don´t think that actor Jeffrey DeMunn should change it´s last name because it kind a has bawdry meaning in estonian, also like finns should not be bothered that Kull has same meaning for them, but in estonian it´s in fact Hawk, Kalju is cliff, not bald and Finnish last name Pasanen does not mean to every estonian that every person who has it, likes to shit to it´s pants. That reminds me one more thing from this year´s eurovision, I remember that quite many finns were disturbed in Youtube by word "kõrbe" in our Rändajad- meaning of course desert, but for them it sounded like we´re singing "below the belt" again, I think the "kyrpää" is the word. God how narrowminded can one be?

Unknown ütles ...

Kürb on ka eesti keeles täiesti olemas.

kürb <21: kürva, .kürba> suguti (imetajail)

Also: kurb aga tõsi, tõsi aga kurb, Eesti popmuusik, sinu nimi on kürb. ;)

Anonüümne ütles ...

Inglish men are total assholes though: