neljapäev, märts 05, 2009

face it, she's madonna

Did you hear that Madonna is coming to Estonia? She's going to give a performance at the Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn on August 4 as part of her incredibly lame sounding Sticky & Sweet Tour.

How do I know this? Because the event is being hypermarketed in Estonia. The front page of Postimees yesterday was an advertisement promoting the concert. The commentators in all media outlets are weighing in on what Madonna's stop in Estonia means for the country and, most importantly, how it will reflect on the nation's image.

When it comes to high profile visits, Estonians are sort of like the poor country girl from Võrumaa who moved to Tallinn and made it big. There is a "realness" to Madonna's concert. Estonia suddenly isn't a nobody from the middle of nowhere. Estonia is somebody, somebody important, somebody who hangs out with Madonna and the Japanese Royal Couple.

Estonia now really exists, according to this train of thought. That Finnair connection you took at Helsinki did not deliver you through a black hole to the fifth dimension. Estonia exists, and the Sticky & Sweet Tour is proof of its existence. It's no fluke. Estonia is a real country.

Sure, there's the in Soviet times factor too -- Madonna didn't make it to Tallinn during The Virgin Tour in '85. But, let's face it, most of Madonna's Estonian audience probably doesn't even remember the Soviet times. They have come to expect events like these. If Robert Plant could schedule a gig in Tallinn, surely Madonna Ciccone couldn't be far behind.

And so we wait for Madge and her cast of nubile dancers and her new 22-year old Brazilian boyfriend to arrive in Tallinn and bring the pages of Kroonika to life. Estonian mothers, lock up your teenage sons! The Sticky & Sweet Tour is nigh!

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Tiina Linkama ütles ...

Thank you for the best laugh of this morning! And what did I laugh about: your warning to Estonian mothers to lock up their teenage sons. Hilarious!


Vello ütles ...

I confess I love her tour name, Sticky & Sweet. Even more now that you've juxtaposed it with "now we really are somebody." (Navin R. Johnson felt the same way when his name was listed in the telephone directory.)

Most of all, I hope Madonna feels welcome in Estonia and that she sees we're positively surprising.

LPR ütles ...

Unknown ütles ...

Nice article, Inner. What's up with Sami Lotila? Did somebody steal his bottle of vodka?

Rainer ütles ...

No, I think someone stole his fake sense of superiority kun ruplat vaihtui kruunuihin.

Unknown ütles ...

Well, all the 70k tickets were sold out in 2 days.

LPR ütles ...

Speaking of Lotila, there are many levels of truths here. He is getting older, also it is harder to play the White God to Estos.

But he won me over with his "20-something, acney addled pizza-faces running the country" - that was funny.

The article had its moments. As an equal opportunity offender, I enjoyed the article. It was suitably offensive. Judging by the storm of comments it elicited, it hit the right spot.

Giustino ütles ...

His article is very Finnish. They are always blabbering on about morality, even when their school kids are blowing each other away.