reede, veebruar 01, 2008

ergo dialoog

While filling out my insurance contract at Ergo Kindlustus in Tartu today I had a pretty funny conversation. The Estonian-speakers will get it. For those of you who have yet to master this rewarding tongue, bear with me.

On the policy contract you are asked questions such as, Kas Teil on diagnoositud HIV-viirust? -- "Have you been diagnosed with the HIV virus?" That question I understood well enough to answer. Others were more complicated. One question I was asked by the agent was:

Kas olete teinud enesetapukatse?

This question bothered me because what I understood couldn't possible be on an insurance form. That's because instead of what she asked, I heard:

Kas olete söönud enne hapukapsaid?

Literally, "Have you eaten sauerkraut before?" I thought about answering "jah" because we had hapukapsad for dinner last night, but I decided that no matter how much Estonians like their hapukapsad, there's no way they'd ask you that in order to get an insurance policy. As far as I know, hapukapsad has no medicinal properties.

The agent then explained to me that enesetapukatse is when an inimene (person) katsetab (attempts) tappa (to kill) enast (themself). Ah, enesetapkatse -- suicide. Kas olete teinud enesetapukatse? -- "Have you ever made a suicide attempt."

I informed her proudly that I had never attempted suicide, and, to be safe, let her know that I had eaten hapukapsad on many occasions.

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Colm ütles ...

HAHAHA! Priceless! :-) Thanks for the laugh.

antyx ütles ...

I think you'll find sauerkraut is actually full of all sorts of vitamins and is remarkably good for you.

Unknown ütles ...

I was in a sauna one day with some americans who also spoke a little Estonian. Then I told them "Viska leili" which means to throw water on the "keris" - the hot stones on the ahi. One of them looked at me and asked why I needed cinnamon because he had heard that I asked for "Viis kaneeli"

P ütles ...

this kind of jokes are always so CUTE :)

John Menzies ütles ...

Pea vastu mees. Kevad tuleb.

Estonia in World Media (Rus) ütles ...

hey looking forward to this Leto Svet posting :)

E ütles ...

Don't underestimate sauerkraut's healing properties. Apparently, it can even cure bird flu.

Unknown ütles ...

HIV - human imunodeficiency virus
HIV - virus.....incorrect
HI - virus......correct

Päikest! :]