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If you hang around long enough on the Internet, chances are you will eventually bump into monarchists, virtual oddballs who despise democratic republicanism and imagine a better world ruled again by kaisers, tsars, and queens.

It was during a fascinating exchange with one of these monarchists, that I was told that Estonia should actually be ruled by Maria Vladimirovna, the pretender to the non-existent throne of Russia.

I informed the monarchist that not only did the tsar abdicate in 1917, but Estonia would probably not support the restoration of the Russian empire or its monarchy.

I mentioned that the Swedish royal family typically plays the role of monarchy in Estonian society, as witnessed by the recent 375 anniversary celebrations of the University of Tartu. The monarchist responded by saying the Treaty of Nystad was still in effect, and that the Swedish crown had no valid claims to Estonia.

Shortly afterwards, the monarchist offered that given Estonia's feelings about the Russian empire, it might make sense to petition Empress Maria for Estonia to be made part of the Grand Duchy of Finland. I responded by saying that not only does Estonia not want to be part of Russia, it also doesn't want to be part of Finland.

The monarchist was puzzled by this and sometime passed before he contacted me again. This time he said he had a solution to the problem of satisfying his need for the world to be ruled by monarchs and Estonia's need to not be a part of the Russian empire.

He pointed out that Estonian punk musician Tõnu Trubetsky, the front man for the group Vennaskond, is the grandson of Władzimir Wałoc Trubetsky, a Ruthenian-Polish prince. It was Tõnu Trubetsky, the monarchist claimed, that would be the most appropriate prince for Estonia, while Tõnu's father Jaan would officially be the monarch.

I am not sure what to think of the idea of installing Trubetsky as prince of Estonia. But at least he's got the fashion part of princedom mastered.

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Mari ütles ...

he did run for riigikogu this spring as a roheline, he got 1138 votes from Nõmme and Mustamäe

Wahur ütles ...

This is great idea.
Add Peeter Volkonski, of once powerful Russian noble family, as prime minister and Estonia would become a first punk monarchy in the world.
Gonna be my choice for next elections.

antyx ütles ...

Hey, we actually had a Monarchist Party in the first Riigikogu. Not only that, but one of their more outstanding members, Kirill Teiter, was even the sovereign ruler of the Kingdom of Torgu. Had his own coins minted, stamps, etc.

Jens-Olaf ütles ...

Pardon, the Germans have a say here:

'The capital of the new state was to be Riga. It was to be a confederation of seven cantons: Kurland (Courland), Riga, Lettgallen (Latgale), Südlivland (South Livonia), Nordlivland (North Livonia), Ösel (Saaremaa), and Estland (Estonia), the four first cantons thus covering the territory corresponding to today's Latvia and the latter three corresponding to today's Estonia.

The first head of state of the United Baltic Duchy was to be Adolf Friedrich, Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, not as a sovereign monarch, but as a subordinate to the German Kaiser, similar to other dukes and grand dukes of the German Empire.'

Wikipedia on United baltic Dutchy

Just lost the war.

Cat Power ütles ...

Hehehe... and I bet all Finns too would be overthrown by joy and celebration of the idea of the Grand Duchy of Finland as a part of Russia :-D

news ütles ...

Jens Olaf, in 1918, Lithuania to the south considered asking a German prince (forget whihc), to be Mindaugas II. Another one was to be king of Ukraine. You are right, Germany just lost the war (though they did beat Tsaris Russia), so no monarch in the Baltics.

In 1918, Germany had plans to create a series of client states in lands gained from Russia, ruled by German princes. But they couldn't win in the west, so the Kaiser's dream was lost.

Wahur ütles ...

Actually, I've got much better alternative for Estonian monarchists.

Some claim that Soontak family is directly descended from the rulers of Soontaga castle in Läänemaa, thus being the only surviving and non-Germanised line of ancient Estonian elders.

So I say, why care about some short-lived republic? Lets draw a direct continuity line straight to 13. century and (re-)establish true Estonian kingdom with an Estonian monarch!

klx ütles ...

mart laar looks like he would be a jolly king.

Wahur ütles ...

Naah, he does not qualify - way too intelligent for the job.