esmaspäev, veebruar 12, 2007

Tallinn in the Times

Check it out, it's cool to be a hardy Estonian from the European frontier:

Some months after my Singapore encounter, I visited the thriving code-writing communities in Tallinn, Estonia; Reykjavik, Iceland; and Helsinki, Finland, three Nordic cities that were being transformed by advances in cellphones, mobile computing and the Internet.

Their tight-knit network of engineers seemed poised to create the tools required to make good on a much-hyped prediction: the death of distance. After all, if necessity is the mother of invention, no one had more need than the hardy Estonians, Icelanders and Finns, living on the frozen edge of Europe, when it came to killing distance as a barrier.

3 kommentaari:

Unknown ütles ...

Hm, upon cursory reading, the article appears to discuss the investment-worthiness of businesses set up Silicon Valley. ie the reasons why 1/4 of Americaqn venture capital ends up there

Giustino ütles ...

I'm just glad that Tallinn is up there with Reykjavik and Helsinki, where it belongs.

Anonüümne ütles ...

These sensitivities and "symbols" escape those of whom do not live in these peripheral places like Estonia or Finland. I got your point loud and clear, Giustino.