reede, juuli 14, 2006

Tita Beebid!

June was a prolific month for young Estonian mothers, according to the Estonian Ministry of the Interior.

Altogether 1,305 children were born, 65 more than during the same month last year. There were 670 boys and 635 girls, including 21 pairs of twins (!) Fitting for the month of Gemini.

The most popular boys names in June were Aleksandr/ Aleksander/Alexander, Marten/ Martin, Artjom, Rasmus, Nikita, Kaspar/Kasper and Mathias/Mattias.

The most popular girls names in June were Lisete/ Lisette/ Liset, Sandra, Liis/ Liisa/ Lisa/Liza, Maria/Marie, Diana, Greete/Grete/Kreete, Meribel and Mia.

Tallinn led the pack of new babies with 499 babies, followed by Tartumaa with 158, then Harjumaa with 152. Ida-Virumaa reported 113 births, followed by Pärnumaa with 78, Lääne-Virumaa with 50, Viljandimaa with 41, Saaremaa with 39, Jõgevamaa with 35, Võrumaa with 30, Valgamaa with 28, Järvamaa with 27, Raplamaa with 22, Läänemaa with 18, Põlvamaa with 13 and Hiiumaa where 2 little Hiidlased were born.

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