kolmapäev, veebruar 01, 2006

Sporti Müts

Since about 1997 I have been wearing a certain style of hat - perhaps most similar to that worn by Elmer Fudd in Bugs Bunny cartoons. I recall wearing my very American hat in Tallinn and getting weird looks, but I sort of enjoyed the idea that I may look like someone that freqents the wild in search of rabbits and/or ducks, depending on what season it is.

However, after looking at some Eesti Sportlased, I have determined that there is a new hat I would like to keep me warm this winter. The Estonian Olympic Ski Team hat. My question is - are the Olympic ski hats for sale, and, if so, where can I buy one? Tahaks osta olümpia müts, sõbrad! Kus ma saan seda leida?

Also, they are apparently available in black or sober, Estonian blue too, which may suit my wardrobe better.

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Giustino ütles ...

I totally want one, ASAP. Where can I get one?

Giustino ütles ...

Monton online?

öö ütles ...

www.monton.ee, but that won't help you. cause actually, monton designed the parade-clothes only (http://www.sportnet.ee/index.php?id=17597). some of those were available in their shops too, but they're gone now.

the hats you showed on the pictures, are part of the sports-clothing that they wear in competitions and i doubt you get ecactly that somewhere. but that STYLE of ski hats is very popular and available in spotrs-stores everywhere, i suppose. and maybe epp will stitch "justin", "andrus" or "eesti" on the forehead? and actually, it's really easy to knit that kind of hats, too :)

Anonüümne ütles ...

Great Sportbook too

Arenal Volcano