reede, detsember 09, 2005

BNS - Number of Non-Citizens Down to 10 Percent

What is Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov going to complain about in five years?

According to Baltic News Service, "As of the end of November the country had 136,533 residents of undefined citizenship.". BNS quoted the Estonian Population Minsitry as saying that "since 1992 until this November 30 Estonian citizenship by naturalization had been granted to 137,617 people."

And according to the Estonian Statistical Office there are 1.35 million people in Estonia. Which means non-citizens in 2005 account for 10.1 percent of the population, and declining.

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Luarvik ütles ...

Acutually, the number of those of undefined citizenship is even lover. Less than 120.000.

Luarvik ütles ...

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