laupäev, november 19, 2005

Estonian Tartan? Aye mate.

I don't really understand why, but for some reason the Scots and the Estonians have some special bond. Maybe its their affinity for foods that involve potatoes, intestines, and blood, or maybe its the crappy weather. Maybe because of all those bar owners in Tallinn who own places like McCools, and the Bars Nimeta (without a name), and Nimega (with a name)?

Don't know.

However, our poor Urmas Paet (see last post) was recently in Scotland and those rugged Scots presented their blonde friend with his very own tartan!

From a statement on the Estonian Days Scotland website:

The tartan was produced as a symbolic gift from the people of Scotland to the people of Estonia and marks both the historic and the new links between the two countries. Designed by Perth-based House of Edgar, the tartan uses the blue, black and white of the Estonian flag plus gold and red from the Lion Rampant to emphasise the strong Estonian-Scottish relationship. The final tartan was selected by the
Estonian Foreign Ministry from a selection of designs, all using this theme.

Iain Lawson, the honorary consul in Scotland, suggested that the tartan be used by Estonia to invigorate its pint-sized defense forces.

"Whether or not the tartan will be used for kilts remains to be seen - especially given Estonia's Baltic location and its wintertemperatures of minus 40 degrees - but I'm sure the fashion houses there will be extremely enthusiastic and who knows, Estonia may yet produce its own Tartan Army!"

Sounds like a good idea! I personally think that a tartan would make the Estonian defense forces seem extra tough. It would allow them to borrow a little Robert the Bruce/William Wallace like courage. And that's not a bad thing...

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Eppppp ütles ...

I have never seen an Estonian man wearing a skirt.
Wuth all my true respect to Scotland, im afraid this the place where Estonian and Scotish soul mateness is ending. We may share rain and blood sausage and potatoes, but not men in skirts. ;)

Eppppp ütles ...

...and sorry about the typos.

Anonüümne ütles ...

My father's family tree (last name: Rae) has been traced back in Eesti to the 13th c. 7 centuries ago a Scottish mercenary (fair guess that he was named MacRae) came to Eesti... I think it can be safely assumed that after his business (!) was done, he decided to settle down in Eesti.

A very important aspect of my 1 week trip to Eesti in 2010 was spending a few days in Scotland. The roots are definitely there...