laupäev, juuni 04, 2005


I am a bit jealous today because I am really having an itch for a trip that gets me out of the US and back on Estonian soil. I won't be there until July, yet somehow I feel two weeks there just aren't good enough.

I saw a blog from my old pals the Law Firm of Davis and Mansfield that chronicled their trip to Eesti Vabariik aastal 2004 - when I wasn't there - and that really pissed me off.

'Why are they there, on my Raekoja Plats,' I demanded to know? But from their well-sauna-d, Saku-happy grins came no reply. Just jealousy greener than Lahemaa National Park.

This truly sucks dear friends. From this day forward, I shall plot my return.

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juniper ütles ...

there is no information about you and who you are in your profile. the world knows nothing other than the few thoughts you wrote some time ago. share more!

juniper ütles ...

the word jealousy caught my eye. i wouldn't call that jealousy, cuz, with determination and will, those sort of things can be obtained.