teisipäev, veebruar 28, 2006

Tiny Estonia

I just thought I'd put all of these together for your enjoyment.

From SportsNetwork:

Italian speedskater Enrico Fabris thrilled the home crowd with three medals, while Canadian speedskater Cindy Klassen won five. German biathlete Michael Greis won three gold medals and Kristina Smigun of tiny Estonia took a pair of cross country golds, while Croatia's Janica Kostelic became the most decorated Winter Olympic alpine woman skier.

From the Mail and Guardian:

Tiny Estonia cherished a third Olympic triumph and Canada celebrated a top-two sweep but the United States, who lead the hunt for gold medals, were giving them away in Turin on Friday.

and from Mainichi Daily News:

For tiny Estonia, the day carried no jinx.

Cross-country veteran Andrus Veerpalu plowed through fresh snow to retain his Olympic title in the 15-kilometer classical race and bring Estonia its third gold of the games. Kristina Smigun won the women's 10km classical race and 15km pursuit.

Congratulations. Tiny. Estonia.

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oravake ütles ...

It sounds kind of... cute though. And they did it!

Pekka ütles ...

We in Finland got big fat zero as a number of the Olympic champions but then again Estonia had an unfair advantage over us; they didn't have to travel as far as we did.