reede, veebruar 17, 2006

"The Baltic state near Finland"

Congratulations Estonians. You are no longer a "former Soviet Republic," but a "Baltic state near Finland." Lapin Kulta anyone?

TURIN, Italy (AFP) - Tiny Estonia leaped into the top five of the Olympics gold medal hunt as Andrus Veerpalu defended his men's 15km cross country crown and alpine skiers awaited clearing to start the women's combined.

Veerpalu's 2002 victory brought the Baltic state near Finland its first
Winter Olympics gold. This triumph followed two biathlon golds from Kristina Smigun and left only US, German and Russian teams with more gold at Turin.

Estonia, a nation of 1.33 million people measuring 45,225 square km (28,102 square miles), sent 46 athletes to Italy but only eight outside biathlon and cross country.

"We're a very small country, so it's a great day for the country," Veerpalu said on Friday.

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Eppppp ütles ...

I usually say
- "Its a small country between Finland and Sweden".

- "Its a small country in North Europe".

And if people seem interested, I tell more (involve the "Baltic" concept, and the "Former Soviet Union" one - but only for people who seem to be broad minded.)

And yesterday, talking to my new neighbors, I added: "There are only 1 million Estonians but we won two gold medals in Olympics so far."

"Oh, in what?"

"In cross country skiing."

"Oh... Do you know how to cross country ski? I have never seen anyone doing it."

"Oh, yes, everyone in Estonia knows how to do it. Even little children. And they teach cross-country skiing at school."

"Really? You must be a really interesting country."

Jüri ütles ...

This triumph followed two biathlon golds from Kristina Smigun.

Cross-country skiing, not biathlon. Bad mistake :S

Jens-Olaf ütles ...

Ya, Estonia is not Down Under!!!
Each Olympic Games will bring her closer to the real geographical position.
The Baltic Independent March 1994, Lisa Clifford in Lillehammer (Norway) reports:
<'But Bob stayed with me. He scanned the media pass around my neck and enquired about The Baltic Independent.
"It´s based in Estonia," I said. A blank look came over Bob's chubby face.
"Estonia," I persisted. Perhaps a geographical locator would help clear his mind."In the Baltics. Estonia."
Bob smiled, the mystery solved: " So you're from Down Under, mate. I couldn't place the accent. It must be cold for you here.">

andry ütles ...

shit, man, you have so good sense of humour

Lapin Kulta, haha